IMPACT 16.0.000

In order to draw a CIM family in the Revit model through Draw Cast-in Material command in IMPACT, the user needs to map the CIM definition with a Revit family. 


Figure 1. Draw Cast-in Material command in IMPACT 16 

Families placement in the standard

The CIM Revit family must be placed in the correct IMPACT standard folder. 

If the user wants to map a CIM definition from a Common level, the Revit family must be stored in the Common folder path: 


Respectively, if the user wants to map from Local or Project, the family needs to be placed in a Local or Project folder. 

See the example with Common folder shown below. 


Figure 2. Revit CIM families in IMPACT standard. Common folder. 

Map CIM definition

In order to map the CIM definition the user needs to go to the Cast-in Materials definition function. A definition window will open.

If there is a family name and type mention, respectively under respectively the Family and Name column, then the CIM definition is already mapped to a family in the IMPACT folder. 


Figure 3. Cast-in Materials definitions in IMPACT 16. 

If there is no family and type mentioned in the CIM definition, the user needs to map the family. Make a new CIM definition or mark already existing one. Press on Edit. The user can either type the name of the family in the Family field or press on Load Family and Types. Select the family and press on OK.  

IMPORTANT: The Revit CIM family must contain IMPACT CIM Mark parameter which value corresponds to the name of the definition. For example, if the CIM definition has a name 0331, the IMPACT CIM Mark parameter must have a value of 0331. Otherwise IMPACT will show a warning to the user and will not allow mapping the Revit family with the definition. 


Figure 4. Mapping CIM definition with a Revit family in IMPACT 16. 

Now the CIM definition is mapped with a Revit family. The user can press on Draw Cast-in Material command and they will be able to draw the definition in IMPACT Revit. 

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