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Map definitions for selected families

In version 15.0.028 and 16.0.007 of IMPACT Revit, a new feature for Map definitions is available for mapping your families in IMPACT Revit. In order to save time, instead of loading all the families from the project when opening Map definitions, the new development will allow the user to Map the definitions only for the selected families.  

Map definitions in IMPACT Revit.png

Figure 1 - Map definitions in IMPACT Revit 

1. The first step of mapping only the wished families is to select them. 

2. The next step is to go in the Elements section from IMPACT tab and press on Map definitions.

3. When the Map definitions dialogue window opens, either select an IMPACT definition or create a new one. Once this is done, press on Apply. 

Map definitions for selected families - 1.gif

Figure 2 - Map definitions for selected families