Map structural floors as Form slabs

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Map definitions functionality has been updated in the latest IMPACT16 for Revit version. It is now possible to Map Structural floors as Form slab and Prestressed Form Slabs in the Map definitions. 

map definitions command in IMPACT.png

Figure 1 - Map definitions command in IMPACT for Revit 

1. The first step is to select the Structural floor that needs to mapped and then press on Map definitions

select structural floor.png

Figure 2 - Unamapped Structural floor  

2. While in the Map definitions dialogue window, select Form slab/Prestressed Form slab from the drop-down menu under IMPACT Element Type

map def - impact element type.png

Figure 3 - IMPACT Element Types available in Map definitions 

3. The next step is to create the definition which will be assigned to the Structural floor. Press on New under Create definition. A new dialogue window pops up and here the user can write the definition name and the description. Press OK and Apply

new definition.png

Figure 4 - Create a new definition for Form slab 

Structural floor mapped with form slab.png

Figure 5 - Structural floor mapped as Form slab 

6. The newly created Form slab definition can be found in the Slabs definitions

slab definitions.png

Figure 6 - Newly created Form slab definition in the Slab definitions dialogue window 


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