Pick face option for Draw Corbel

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In version 16.0.007 of IMPACT Revit, we introduce the new functionality for Draw Corbel, that allows the user to freely choose the element face where the corbel will be inserted. Moreover, the new functionality makes it possible for the user to Draw corbel by Pick face, for more than one element at the same time. The Corbels can be inserted in any of the following views: Plan, Elevation, and 3D view.   

Pick Face 1.png

Figure 1 - Pick face option in Draw Corbel 

Draw corbel by Pick face

1. To Draw Corbel by Pick face, the first step you need to do is to go in IMPACT tab and under the Components section, select Draw Corbel from the falling menu.  

figure 2 - pick face.png

Figure 2 - Draw corbel under the Components section 

2. Now you need to select the Column where the corbel will be inserted. Remember that you can make multiple element selections as the Pick face option can insert Corbel for all the Columns at the same time. 

3. Next step is to make the configuration of your Corbels according to your project. Select Corbel family and type, configure the corbel parameters, select Cast-in material and set-up the elevation where the Corbel will be inserted.  

4. After this is done, in the Placement section, select User defined and press on Pick Face. 

5. Select the element face. If you have selected more than one Columns to insert Corbel, it is enough to pick the face only for one element and the Corbel will be inserted for all elements. 

6. Once you are done with this, the Draw Corbel dialogue window pops-up. Now you have the opportunity to make the last adjustments of your configuration before inserting the corbels.

Insert corbel with Pick face .gif

Figure 3 - Draw Corbel by Pick Face for multiple columns 

Confirmation of the pick face side

In IMPACT for Revit, a new feature has been developed for Draw Corbel command which helps the user to have a better overview of the corbel placement. 

It is now possible to see the confirmation of the face side where the corbels will be placed. 

After the user enables the User defined option and then Pick one or more faces of the column, there will be a confirmation which indicates the placement of the Corbel. 

figure n.png

Figure 4 - Confirmation of the corbel side placement


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