Prestressed Form Slab

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In version 16.0.007 of IMPACT Revit, we introduce the new Prestressed Form Slab module which works similar as the Form slab. The Prestressed Form Slab functions are easy and ready to be used. User can either import Prestressed Form Slab definitions from the database or can easily create one or more from scratch.

There are a few differences between the two modules. Since the Prestressed Form Slabs are manufactured using high tensile prestressed strands, the user has the option to define those in Strands section, when drawing the slabs. Another difference in the Prestressed Form Slab is that the user can define and have total control of the slab edges. There is also a dynamic preview which helps the user to visualize the selection of the edge.

prestressed form slab.png

Figure 1 - Draw Prestressed Form Slab dialogue window