Create Barmesh in Bended Mesh command

Last modified by Catalin Turluc on 2024/05/23 14:35


There is a new feature in IMPACT for Revit, which allows the user to create and save Barmesh into IMPACT database from the Draw Bended Mesh command. 

In order to create and save Barmesh into IMPACT database, one needs to activate the checkbox 'Barmesh' from Draw Bended Mesh command. 

Barmesh checkbox.png

Figure 1 - Barmesh option activated in Draw Bended Mesh command

In the next example, we will create, save and draw a Barmesh via Draw Bended Mesh command. 

We are starting with defining the measurements of a Shape Code in Draw Bended Mesh command.  

Defining measurement of Shape Code.png

Figure 2 - Defining measurements of the bars

In the next step, we are selecting the mesh definition. If there is no mesh definition, one can create/import one by pressing the three dots from Draw Bended Mesh dialogue window. 

Defining the mesh.png

Figure 3 - Selecting the mesh 

The next step is to activate the Barmesh checkbox and save it into the IMPACT database. When pressing on Save button, there is a new dialogue window where user can write the name and description. 

saving barmesh in IMPACT database.png 

Figure 4 - Saving Barmesh into IMPACT Database

The recently created Barmesh can be checked in the Barmarks definition. 
barmesh definition in Barmarks.png

Figure 5 - Barmesh can be checked in Barmarks definition

Barmesh inserted in a Solid wall.png

Figure 6 - Barmesh inserted in a Solid wall