Revisions are an inevitable part of precast projects. Read here how to create, apply and edit revisions in IMPACT Revit projects. 

Create Revision list

Document the project changes in a revision list. Go to Revit -> View -> Revisions in order to find the Revisions function in Revit. Write down the date, description and any additional information to the revision, that you want to add. Select Per Sheet in the Numbering settings, as shown in the picture below.  

Notice, that this is a list, showing revisions for the whole Revit model.  Later on, the user is able to choose a revision from the list, that needs to be applied to the element shop drawing sheet. 

Read more about setting up the revision list in Revit here 

rev window.jpg

Figure 1. Revision list in Revit 

Apply Revision

Once the revision list is created, you are able to apply revisions on the shop drawing sheets. 

Open the shop drawing sheet properties and find Revisions on Sheet. See the picture below.  

rev sheet.jpg

Figure 2. Revisions on Sheet in Sheet properties 

Choose revisions from the list and press OK. Selected revisions will appear on the sheet and in the drawing head.

rev sheet 2.jpg

Figure 3. Revisions applied on the shop drawing sheet. 

Show revisions in Project Manager

In order to show sheet revisions in IMPACT Project Manager, the Shop Drawing and the IMPACT project must be updated.

Follow these two steps: 

  • 1. Update the shop drawing via Update Shop Drawing command in Revit.

Notice, that in version 15.0.018 and higher, the user has a possibility to preserve reinforcement annotations, spot elevations and dimensions. 

update shd.jpg

Figure 4. Update the shop drawing in IMPACT Revit 

2. Update the IMPACT project using the Refresh button in Project Manager. The revision name and date will be displayed. 


Figure 5.Shop drawing revision displayed in Project Manager. 

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