Align Reinforcement Tags

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A huge challenge in Revit is automatic placement of tags for reinforcement. When generating the shop drawings in IMPACT for Revit, the placement of the tags are according to the settings in this article

To make this challenge a bit easier to handle, there is a tool for helping with the alignment. 


Figure 1: The command can be found in the section for 'Tools' in the ribbon.


There are two different types of tools. First, there is the adjust left/center/right. Those will align all selected tags according to the tag on the top.

Figure 2: The adjust tool can align the tags according to the left, center, or right side of the top tag. 


Second, there is the 'Squeeze' tool that group together the tags vertically. As for the adjust tools, it is the tag on the top that controls the final placement.  


Figure 3: The squeeze tool removes unnecessary space in between the tags.

Adjust and Squeeze

There are options that combines the adjust commands with squeeze.


Figure 4: There are options that combines the adjust and squeeze tools.

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