Copy Shop Drawing

Last modified by superadmin on 2021/08/30 16:13

If one got two elements that are pretty much similar except a few differences and one of them has a finished shop drawing and one doesn't. Then it might be a good idea to copy the existing shop drawing to the second element and just make some small changes. To make this possible, we've developed the "Copy Shop Drawing" command. It works like the following:

Make sure that you have two similar elements. Both elements need to be saved. One of the elements should have a shop drawing. 

  1. Start the command and select the element with the shop drawing. 
  2. Select the element for which the shop drawing should be copied to.

The shop drawing is now copied and one can start to edit it. 

Note: It's very important to remember that the command will create a copy of the original drawing. This means that if components or geometry is differing a bit, one might get no or strange dimension lines for those. If that happens, one needs to make some small manual modifications. 




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