Create assembly views from "Shop Drawing Settings" dialog

Last modified by Linus Karlsson on 2021/05/26 18:58

To make it easier to create new views in a shop drawing template, one can now create and delete views directly from the "Shop Drawing Settings" dialog. 
new del.png

Figure 1: Select the option 1 for adding view and option 2 for deleting view.

When the dialog pops up, one need to select a view name, what type of view that should be created, what view template that should be added and if there should be any dimension settings added. There are three options for the settings:

  1. Default - add default settings 
  2. Empty - no settings will be added
  3. Import from View - copy settings from another view in the template

When all is configured, one will just need to select an insertion point for the view. The next step is to configure the view port of the views. Information about that can be read in this article

 new views.gif



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