Create drawings for plans, elevations, and other types of drawings.

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One important part of a project is to handle other drawings than the shop drawings. It is, for instance, crucial to keep track of revisions on a plan drawing so no changes are missed. Because of this, we are now happy to present the new feature 'Create Drawing'.


Figure 1. The 'Create Drawing' command can be found in the list of drawing commands.

How to create a drawing

Before starting with the process to create a drawing, one must make sure that there is a view created (e.g. a plan drawing or a legend view). 

Start the command 'Create Drawing'. The dialog below will appear. 
Figure 2. 'Create Drawing' dialog.

At the top, one can filter out the specific view by searching on the view name. It is also possible to open the drop-down for views and select without searching. The view list is organized so that different view types are placed under four categories (Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Other Drawings). This so it is  easier to find the correct view. 
Figure 3. The view list is organized to ease the search for the correct view. 

There could be a scenario where one got a floor plan and a structural floor plan for the same level, as can be seen in Figure 4 below. 
same name.png
Figure 4. Level 1 is created both as a floor plan and a structural floor plan.

Because of this, there will be two 'Level 1' in the view list. To differentiate between the views, one can point the mouse at the name, and a tooltip with view type information will appear. 
same name 2.png
Figure 5. Point the mouse on the name to get a tooltip with information about the view type. 

After selecting the view, one must decide what type of drawing this will be. There are three different types, all taken from the IMPACT Project Manager. 

Figure 6. Select the correct view type.


Figure 7. Depending on which view type was selected, the drawing will appear under one of the three drawing types in IMPACT Project Manager. 

The last thing to do is to select which building, floor, and phase the drawing is connected to. This is mandatory for floor plans and elevations. When creating an other drawing, these fields are greyed out. 


Figure 8. Select building, floor, and phase. 

Now it is time to create the drawing by clicking on 'OK'. It will appear in the list of sheets in the project browser.


Figure 9. The drawing will appear in the list of sheets. 

One can also find the drawing in the IMPACT Project Manager.

pm dwg.png

Figure 10. The drawings appear in the IMPACT Project Manager.

Revisions on a floor plan, elevation, and other drawings

Add revisions according to the first two headlines in this article (Create Revision List, and Apply Revision). 

Start the command 'Update Drawings'. It will give you a message that the revisions are updated and one can find the current revisions in IMPACT Project Manager. 


Figure 11. Update Drawing command

How to update properties of a drawing

Properties such as drawing status, checked by, and so on can be changed with the command 'Drawing Properties'.


Figure 12. Use 'Drawing Properties' to change things such as drawing status. 

In the dialog, one has the possibility to update all relevant parameters. 


Figure 13. Drawing Properties dialog

How to print PDFs

The PDF files for the drawings are created with the 'Print' command. 


Figure 11. The 'Print' command can be found in the list of drawing commands.

In the dialog, select the tab for 'Drawings'. Pick the drawing(s) that should be printed, and specify the print configuration. Check this article to read more about the print functionality in Revit. 

print 2.png

Figure 12. In the 'Drawings' tab, one can find the drawings generated with the 'Create Drawing' command. 

The PDF files will be placed in the project folder structure according to their name. This can be configured in IMPACT Standard Admin. 


Figure 13. Configuration of the folder structure can be done from IMPACT Standard Admin.

The PDF drawing can now be opened from IMPACT Project Manager as usual. 

open pm.png

Figure 14. Open PDF in IMPACT Project Manager.

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