Center of Gravity & Custom Text Note in Shop Drawings

Last modified by tomast on 2021/08/30 16:23

Means of use:

Center of Gravity is used by many prefabrication manufacturers. Such a centre is used for Lift placement and element rotation on site. To mark such an annotation on shop drawings, or any similar instances explanation, customer user text note can be added. In the article below, both, CG and Custom text functions will be shown.


Center of Gravity (or mass) - a centre which is a balance point for any solid mass instance. 

Customer user text annotation - user-defined text used for measurement note

Add Center of Gravity and custom text notes:

1. Open shop drawing template for the chosen element type:

Load Center of Gravity and Custom text annotations simply drag and add to the template window. 


2. Open shop drawing settings:

a) Configure Center of Gravity indication by making two settings on front elevation, one for the bottom, one for the right side. 

First, the main Center of Gravity marker has to be configured (remember to add annotation "CG Marker.rfa" for Object Tag), and only after that, Dimensions for the marker added. 

Do add these three measures, follow the parameters shown below:


For Center of Gravity marker add "CG marker" as an object tag (right side on dialogue).

b) As the centre of gravity is now configured, user-defined text can be added as an explanation "C.G". Such a note has to be configured only for Dimension parameters in the shop drawing settings, not the Marker parameter. See explanation picture below:


Remember: that changes are saved and XML file updated only after clicking "Apply"


The result can now be seen in the actual shop drawing.

Figure 1: Green indication - Center of Gravity marker and custom dimension notes C.G.