Customised Cross-Section arrows in Shop Drawings

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A cross-section is a critical view in Shop Drawings, taken from an existing drawing view, which reveals what is inside of the element. 

In IMPACT Revit, user can control the appearance of the cross-section families so that when generating a Shop Drawing, the cross-section family will be displayed with the desired style. 

The cross-section families can be found in the "annotations" folder from IMPACT Revit Standard. 

Annotaion folder 2.png

Figure 1 - Annotation folder in IMPACT Revit Standard 

Modify and generate Shop Drawing with customised cross-section families

1. Open the Shop Drawing template where you want to insert the new cross-section style.

2. Go to the "Annotations" folder from IMPACT Revit Standard and open the IMPACT Section Head family that needs to be modified. 

2. Modify the Section-arrow with the desired style. In the example below, we will modify the shape of the arrow. 

3. The next step is to "Save as" the newly modified cross-section arrow and then load into the project and Shop drawing template. 

 Modify arrow and load into project and SD.gif

Figure 2 - Modifying the cross-section arrow and loading it into the project 

4. Once you are done with the steps above, go to the Shop Drawing template, select the cross-section family and press on Edit type. 

Cross section edit type.png

Figure 3 - Edit type in the family Properties

5. While in the Type Properties, press on the "..." from Section Tag. A new dialogue window will pop-up and here you select the recently created cross-section style. Press Ok. 

Step 5 - select recently create cross section .gif

Figure 4 - Selecting the recently created cross-section style 

6. In order to set-up the Shop Drawing with the new cross-section style, open the Shop drawing settings and press on Apply button. 

SD - apply button.png

Figure 5 - Shop drawing settings dialogue window 

6. Now you are ready to generate the Shop drawing with the new cross-section style.

Step 6 - generate SD.gif

Figure 6 - Generate Shop drawing with the recently created cross-section style

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