Export to DWG

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Export to DWG

DWG formats are used for Autodesk’s AutoCAD software. Drawing sheets can be exported to DWG in IMPACT Revit and later opened in AutoCAD from Project manager. Export to DWG command is available in IMPACT Revit in IMPACT view under Create Shop Drawings falling menu.


1.The first step is to draw the desired elements and then save them by using the saving command in IMPACT Revit.

save wall.png

2.Before exporting to DWG shop drawings must be created for the elements. To create the sop drawing select the element then go to Create Shop Drawing command in IMPACT view. 

create shop drawing.png

3.After the shop drawing is created go the falling menu under Create Shop Drawing command and choose Export to DWG function. Export drawing sheets window will open where the user can decide upon the Drawing type for the sheets. The Drawing type field will define where the sheets will be stored. By default Drawing type field is set to Other, if the user does not specify a different type the sheets will be stored under Other. To finalize the command simply press on Export.


export dwg.png

4.The exported drawings can be opened in AutoCAD from the Project manager.


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