Hide Section in other views

Last modified by Linus Karlsson on 2021/05/27 17:26

The setting "Hide sections in other views" allows the user to decide if a section arrow should be visible in specific views or not. A usual example is the main- and reinforcement drawing. There might be e.g. one vertical section in each drawing, see Figure 1 and 2 below. 


Figure 1: The vertical view (2) from the reinforcement drawing is visible in the main drawing.


Figure 2: The vertical views (1) from the main drawing is visible in the reinforcement drawing.

To hide specific sections in specific views, one can configure the setting "Hide sections in other views" in the template. To hide, e.g., section "A-R" in Figure 1 above, one should configure the setting by checking the box for "Front" (front view in the main drawing, see Figure 1) as in Figure 3 below. 

hide 2.png

Figure 3: The setting means that section "A-R" will not be visible in view "Front". 

This configuration will hide the section in view "Front". 

Figure 4: Section "A-R" is not visible in the main drawing anymore (compare with Figure 1).

One can check more than one option in the drop down list. 

hide 1.png

Figure 5: Section "A-R" will only be visible in views "Inner" and "Outer". 


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