Setting up a shop drawing template

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Adding views to the sheet

Before starting configuration of production drawing settings, new views have to be added to the sheet. 

1. Totally new view from Revit can be added to the sheet. But it is important to apply IMPACT Template settings for the new view, to be able to apply IMPACT settings for it. 

Right-click on the view to be added, for example, new 3D view. Then select apply Template Properties:


2. Then choose IMPACT Template from the list. (for 3D view group, select "IMPACT 3D")


 3. Add the new view to the sheet:

Find the Sheet in Project Browser, right-click on it and choose "Add view":


Then Simply pick a newly created view, and Add it to the sheet. This view now will appear in "IMPACT drawing settings"

Create the new sheet

IMPACT Revit allows having several sheets under one element template. For example, In IMPACT Standard Wall template, there are 2 sheets : one main geometry sheet and reinforcement sheet with schedules. In this section, instructions will be given how to add sheets under one assembly name. 


1. In Project Browser, right-click on the assembly name. 

From that list, select "Create Assembly views".


2. At the bottom of dialogue "Create Assembly views", check-mark "Sheet" and choose size template. 


3. New sheet instantly appears under Assembly name in the Project Browser. Right-click to rename the latest sheet. 


Shop Drawing Settings dialogue

1. Selected Drawing SheetChoose a sheet to configure (see how to add the sheet, a chapter above). Template location is also placed here. 
2. Views A list of views that are added to the above-selected sheet. View part also includes view presentation settings, including scale, placement on the sheet, 
3. Drawing sheetSelect sheet with title block in it. Sheet families can be found under "Revit_2018\templates\IMPACT Library\Annotations"
4. Template typeSelect element types  which this template will be valid for
5. Dimension linesSimply add dimensions by right-clicking on the panel and choosing "Add dimension". Choose between different dimension/annotation types and apply positioning rules (Rules described below)


Dimension type and positioning

OrderTool for organizing dimension types inside the settings