Import/Export dimension settings between templates

Last modified by Linus Karlsson on 2021/05/26 17:58

To reduce the time used for creating all shop drawing templates, one has the possibility to import/export dimension settings from one template to another.

Start with opening the new template that has no settings for dimension lines. Go to the "General" tab and klick "Import". One will need to select a standard and a template to import from. 
The views will be mapped automatically if the names correspond. Else, the user need to select the proper view to use, e.g. "Detail Section B" in the GIF below is mapped with view "A" from the other template. If there are any views that should not have any settings, one can choose "None" as an option and the import will be excluded for that specific view. 

The result will be identical settings as from the original template. 

IE temp.gif