Set Drawing Status

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Drawing Status

Default Drawing Status is set in the General settings in the Shop drawing template so that once the user create the shop drawing, the Drawing status will be shown in the drawing head.  

Drawing status_01.jpg

Figure 1. Drawing status in the Shop drawing head. 

Set Drawing Status

If the user wants to edit the Drawing Status of a shop drawing and set a new one, then Set Drawing Status command must be used.  


Figure 2. Set Drawing Status function. 

The command will detect and list all shop drawings available in the Revit model. Select an Element Mark and edit the Shop Drawing Status. Next time the user opens the shop drawing of the Element Mark, the Drawing status will be updated according to the changes. 


Figure 3. Edit the Drawing Status from the falling menu. 

Moreover, it is possible to edit multiple Drawing statuses at a time. The user needs to select multiple Element marks and a falling menu with all available drawing statuses will appear in the lower left corner of the window. Select a status and press on Update Shop Drawings. The drawing status of all selected element marks will be updated.


Figure 4. Edit the Drawing Status for multiple Element marks at once. 

Project statuses are controlled by Settings in Project Manager. Here the user can edit, add or delete project statuses in the IMPACT project. Any change, made in Project Manager will be displayed in the Set Drawing Status command in Revit. 

Drawing status_04.jpg

Figure 5. Edit the Drawing statuses for the project in Project Manager.