Specify the spacing between the endcap views

Last modified by Catalin Turluc on 2021/09/03 17:27

Specify the spacing between the endcap views

Sometimes, when the Shop drawing is generated, one wants to have the endcap views arranged with a specific distance between them. 

In IMPACT for Revit, it is now possible to specify in the Shop drawing template settings, the spacing between the endcaps views, which will be reflected in the Shop drawing when it is generated.

The new setting is called "Next view offset" and can be found in the Endcap view in the Shop drawing template settings. 

Shop drawing settings - Next view offset option.png

Figure 1 - Next view offset option in Shop drawing template settings 

1. In order to specify the spacing between the endcap, open the Shop drawing template and go to Endcap view. 

2. Type the needed value in the "Next view offset" field

3. Press on apply and generate the Shop drawing 

Spacing between the endcap.png

Figure 2 - Spacing between the endcap views after generating the Shop drawing 

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