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IMPACT Revit provides a new functionality that makes possible to draw a recess plus a cast-in-material for Slabs and Prestressed slabs. The new command is called "Draw connection" and is placed under the Slab falling menu. It can be used for a single or multiple slabs at the same time. 

The new functionality provides flexibility by allowing to user to draw the connection both in 2D and 3D. 

Draw connection command in IMPACT Revit.png

Figure 1 - Draw connection command in IMPACT Revit 

The new Draw connection command works in relation with the settings made in the "Connection" tab from the Slab or Prestressed slab definition.  

Depending on the project specific needs, one can create multiple connections in the "Connection" tab in Slab or Prestressed slab definition, that can be selected from when drawing a connection. 

It is also possible to change the predefined Connection settings from Slab or Prestressed slab when drawing the connection with Draw connection command. 

Connection tab in Slab definition.png

Figure 2 - Connection tab in Slab definition 

As we can see in Figure 2, there are two main sections with settings in the Connection tab - one for the recess and one for the cast-in-material. 

Available settings for recess in Connection tab

Name - The name of the connection

Inner width - The width of the recess edge that is inside the slab

Outer width - The width of the recess edge that is outside the slab

Length - The length of the recess from outside to inside the slab 

Distance from edge - The distance from the slab edge where the recess is inserted

Available settings for Cast-in-material in Connection tab

Name - The name and description of the Cast-in-material

Slab Side - The side of the recess where the Cast-in-material is inserted

Rotation - The rotation of the cast-in-material 

Insertion point x - The cast-in-material insertion point in X-direction in recess 

Insertion point y - The cast-in-material insertion point in Y-direction in recess

Side - This option is used to define on which side of the slab will be inserted

Countersinking - The distance from the side of the slab 

The preview is dynamic which means that the settings made for both recess and cast-in-material are reflected in the preview section. 


Start the Draw connection command and select a slab or multiple slabs and press on Finish. 

The Draw connection dialogue window pops up and here, if it's needed, one can change the predefined settings from the Slab or Prestressed Slab definition. 

Once the settings are defined, press on OK and Pick a point where the connection should be inserted. Finish the command by pressing "Esc" button from your keyboard. 

Drawing slab connection.gif

Figure 3 - Drawing connection for multiple slabs


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