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Edit Slab is a command in IMPACT Revit that is used to edit already drawn solid and prestressed slabs. The command can be found in the Elements section under the drop down menu from Draw Slab. In order to save time when working with a lot of slabs, it is possible to edit multiple slabs at the same time. 

Edit slab command in IMPACT Revit.png

Figure 1 - Edit slab command in IMPACT Revit 

After the slab is drawn, one wants to modify it. To do so, start the Edit slab command and then select the elements that need to be modified. After the elements have been selected, finish the selection and access the Edit slab dialogue window by pressing on Finish button on the left top corner. 

Finish slab selection.png

Figure 2 - Finish button in IMPACT Revit

The Edit slab command is now displayed on the screen and the slab can now be modified. 

Edit slab dialogue window.png

Figure 3 - Edit Slab dialogue window 


This option makes it possible to select a different definition and to be applied to the slab. All the slab definitions, from all levels, can be seen in the drop-down list. The listing order of the slab definitions is made according to their level placement. It shows first the definition from the Project level, then the Local and last from the Common level.

If the definition is present on two or more levels, then in the drop-down menu it will be shown only one time.

It is also possible to browse through the different standard levels and edit the slab definition by pressing the three dots button. 

 change slab definition.gif

Figure 4 - Changing the slab definition

By pressing the three dots, one can access the slab definitions from all the folder levels. Here, one can create, copy, edit, delete, rename or import/export the slab definitions. 

slab definition - three dots.png

Figure 5 - Slab definitions after pressing the three dots


Makes it possible to change the length of a slab or multiple slabs at the same time by typing the value in the length field. The length can be changed in 3D view aswell.

Revit - change the length of the slabs .gif

Figure 6 - Changing the length of the slab in 3D view


Makes it possible to change the width of the slab by typing value in the width field. 


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