Slab definition

Last modified by Linus Karlsson on 2021/08/30 14:15

Slab definitions are used everytime the user draws a Slab element in IMPACT. You can either use already existing definition from the IMPACT database or create one in your own. In order to see all Slab definitions, go to IMPACT tab -> Slabs, as shown on the picture below.   


Figure 1. Slab definition in Slab falling menu. 


In the General tab, settings for the Geometry, Material and the Reinforcement of the element can be made: 

  • Geometry: 

Width - displays the width of the Slab element 

Tolerance width - displays the tolerance in mm on both sides of the Slab element. 

Element thickness - displays the thickness of the Slab element 

  • Material: 

Material - displays the IMPACT material. Make sure that the IMPACT material is mapped with Revit material. 

  • Reinforcement: 

Template - displays the Reinforcement template that is set as default to the slab definition. This setting can be later editted in Draw Slab and Edit Slab command by the user on a slab instance level. 


Figure 2. General tab in Slab definition. 



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