Transfer Project Standards

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Revit 2019

Different Templates

Sometimes companies receive external Revit Projects and continue working there. Meaning, that the template on which the project was initially created, cannot be changed. 

Luckily, Revit provides a feature that can help to share settings, parameters, custom filters etc. from project to project.

In this case, a custom filter for Update Status was transferred to a newly created project. 


  1. Open the project containing a Custom filter view (IMPACT Update status)
  2. Create a new project / open external revit project lacking (only can be done in Revit 2019 which allows Tabs)
  3. Go to the new project (project received)
  4. Manage - Settings - Transfer Project Standard
  5. Select instances to be transferred from original project:


6. The new filters need to be set up by adding and attaching color formatting - check old filter in the original project 

7. Filters are set up in Visibility Graphics (shortcut "VV")

8. Test new filter


See the video below showing the steps described above:


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