Beside Sandiwch walls, IMPACT Revit provides also other wall types such as Solid walls. The Solid wall's dialogue window is user friendly and the definitions can be easily created or imported from database. 

The Solid wall dialogue window has three main tabs: General, Lifts and Bracing and Naming.

In General tab, user specifies the wall geometry and the material. The user can also select the Reinforcement template that he wants to be inserted when the wall will be drawn. 

In Lift and Bracing tab, user selects the Lift and Bracing families that are suitable for the project. Also, in the same tab, user has the possibility to specify the positioning of the lifts and bracing. 

In Naming tab, user is free to insert any name for Group, Product, Prefix Designation, Prefix element mark and Prefix drawing name, which later, after saving the wall in database, the naming will be reflected in Shop Drawing and Project Manager. 

Solid wall dialogue window.png

Figure 1 - Solid wall dialogue window in IMPACT Revit 

IMPACT Revit provides a multitude of features for Solid walls which are compatible with the Precast Industry requirements: endcaps, cast-in-materials, panel thickening, openings, recesses, wall joints, MEP and much more. 

Solid Wall features.png   Solid wall features 3.png   Wall features 2.png   MEP feature.png                                                                                                      

Figure 2 - Features for Solid walls in IMPACT Revit 



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