Split wall vertical / horizontal

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IMPACT Revit version 15.0.008


Split wall vertical / horizontal was created in IMPACT Revit to ease the process of drawing and splitting walls in Revit. To make the project more accurate, it is enough to  draw one wall and split it after size specifications rather than drawing many pieces on top of each other. Moreover, by using this functionality, endcaps are being applied automatically. 


Split vertically - function splits wall in vertical position, reference lines are required. 

Split horizontal - splits after elevation levels or set values per functions. 


To split wall vertically:

1. Open either Plan view either Elevation view. Draw reference lines where the wall is planned to be split. Like shown in the example:


2. Select tool called "Split vertically". Follow the instructions: select wall, then select reference planes. When done, click on "Finish".

New window provides a possibility to choose endcap and gap between upcoming elements. (Important: to apply endcaps, endcaps definitions have to be in place). 

Function "Mirror" is used for multilayer walls when layers are coming opposite. 


To finish, click "OK". Newly splitted wall will instantly appear in the project. 

IMPORTANT: If endcaps are not visible, change "Parts visibility" in Properties window to "Show parts. "


To split wall horizontally:

1. Split wall Horizontally works similarly as Vertical (Explained above). But there are several options to choose from when splitting wall horizontally:

  1. Wall height from bottom (Splits wall once by the value inserted - origin point is bottom)
  2. Maximum wall height (Splits wall in modules that can be fitted by X value set, the additional height that could nt fit in modular, is left at the top)
  3. Elevation (User picks Elevation lines in a Project)

These options are explained visually below:


Settings of Split wall Horizontal include information of split method. The second part of the window contains options of how wall / walls can be splitted.

(Note: Gap is not included in "Wall height")


N.B to see endcaps - change parts visibility



Figure 2:  Wall divided using ""Split wall vertical", "Split wall horizontal"

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