Create IMPACT Revit Local file

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Create IMPACT Revit Local file

Project Files show the list of MPACT projects and all their linked Revit files. The user can select the Revit file and can open it for further modifications. There is a column, called "Central File", which indicates if the selected Revit file is a work sharing file or not.


Figure 1. Open Local file through Project Files command. 

If the user selects the central Revit file and presses on Open Project, local copy of the central file will be automatically created on user's machine. The local files will be stored in the Local File Path, which is specified in the bottom of the window. It is important to keep the local file path settings. Next time the user would like to open a local file, IMPACT will detect that there is already a local file at the specified folder and the existing local file will be opened. 

Optionally, the user can also open local file manually, without using Project Files command. It is also possible to open local file from recent files or Revit start-up page.

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