Create IMPACT Revit Central file

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Guide for creating IMPACT Revit Central file from IMPACT Project Manager:

Open a new or existing project in IMPACT Project Manager. Go to the Revit section in 'Project files', which can be found in the Project Browser (see picture below).


Click on 'New' to create a project file. Add name, description, and what template to use. Click 'OK'. Note: The model will be kept open after creation if 'Keep Revit Open' i checked.  


Continue with activating the collaboration. Scroll down to the bottom of this article for a guide on how to do this step.  

Guide for creating IMPACT Revit Central file from within Revit:

After configuring the folders on server, create Revit file by using IMPACT Project template and Project files command, as shown below.


This command will bring up following dialog box where user can create new Revit project file using IMPACT Project templates. This new Revit file will serve as Central file. More information about IMPACT Project Template follows in article IMPACT Project Template.


After creating Revit project file, we are ready to link with IMPACT project. The user creates new project command from IMPACT toolbar.


This command will show following dialog box.


"Create and Link" button will create IMPACT project and also copy this Revit project file on server.This is IMPACT Revit Central file,from which all local files will be created. Please check that the file is copied on server shared folder.

Set up worksharing in Revit

Now setup the work sharing environment as per link below if you are not familiar with this Revit functionality:


The above image shows central file and its backup folder.

After creating all required setup, save the file and close the Revit model.


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