New: Add information about if the project is cloud file storage in open project. (Case 122479)

New: Create a new drawing should automatically switch to the Drawing tab once it's ready. (Case 122450)

New: Set color on "custom activity" in the Follow Up. (Case 120847)

New: Added a new ERP Export UBAB to ERPBOS. (Case 122364)


Fix: Overlapping Element Color text & Toggle hidden text. (Case 118934)

Fix: The dwg & pdf alternative is grayed out when selecting all in Export element marks. (Case 119516)

Fix: Resolved issue where the preview for buildings and floors dialog was not scaled properly. (Case 119011)

Fix: PCP save window doesn't show .pcp files. (Case 119367)

Fix: Interface fix for copy element mark. (Case 119882)

Fix: Grey out apply in "Set date" if the full row is selected. (Case 120075)

Fix: Possible to rename the drawing if the DWG files aren't found in the project folder. (Case 122658)


Change: Import project multiple times to a different standard and project is now allowed. (Case 121052)

Change: Connect the data from "export planning" via GUID. (Case 110775)

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