New: VisualStacker: Turning elements is turned on the stack. (Case 89862)
New: Transport/Stack - Add number of selected transports/stacks to the UI for easy overview. (Case 98732)
New: Start with empty cast and start with tolerance is new settings to auto cast which is saved on the user. Values for distance placing in cast is now picked from the ToleranceX and ToleranceY in Cast Units. (Case 94108)
New: Show stack status in planning/element id grid. (Case 97069)
New: Pictures on stack and transport planning reports. (Case 90548)
New: It is now possible to rotate elements on Stack. (Case 92617)
New: In stack planning is there added a new rack type "Inloader". It is possible to add gables to the inloader where the elements is placed up against. The numbering of the layerNo is changed compare to the other stackt types, all elements that are placed beside each other have the same layer no, equals to the gable number they are stacked against. (Case 89863)
New: Implement Eyeshot antialiasing flag for smoother fonts in production view ports. (Case 93725)
New: Enable user to edit note on stacks. (Case 93502)
New: Add weight limit for Cast units. - Sum of all elements on that bed/table. (Case 14255)
New: Add information about all cores to the Hollowcore Bed export. (Case 94555)


Fix: Users can't access a division if even though they are added as "User of" that division. (Case 95858)
Fix: Unitechnik pallet planning export is missing project directory. (Case 98585)
Fix: Transport Planning - Getting error when running autotransport. (Case 97478)
Fix: The status "Produced and approved" was skipped when the element was planned on a stack and transport. (Case 97336)
Fix: The stack templates is sorted in alphabetic order in the Settings for stack templates and transport templates (default stack) in Resource Manager, and in AutoStack in Stack Planning. (Case 95705)
Fix: The order of the elements in the Hollowcore bed export main file should be logic. (Case 98599)
Fix: The filter Max element status didn't work properly. (Case 95922)
Fix: The export from Unitechnik for FormSlab exports wrong rotation and insertion point for a design rotated element. (Case 94573)
Fix: Stock Items filter didn't work. (Case 97107)
Fix: Special case where stock items didn't show the stock items correctly. (Case 95868)
Fix: Scroll added to the element control. (Case 97118)
Fix: Resource Manager Storage takes long time to run on database. (Case 97055)
Fix: Resolved issue where the status "Planned for delivery" was skipped when the stack planning was done before the transport planning. (Case 97337)
Fix: Resolved issue where element labels were printed in the wrong order if some elements were rotated on the bed. (Case 79452)
Fix: Now project title will be listed in resource managers storage tab. (Case 93535)
Fix: Now project manager won't recognize rejections as disorders, thus creating unwanted disorders. (Case 94053)
Fix: Export to Hollowcore bed is sending out wrong information about the reinforcement barmark and shape code information is missing. (Case 95692)
Fix: Detailed view settings/Cast Units are not used after pressing save. (Case 93664)
Fix: Change date creates an unknown error. (Case 90591)
Fix: Cast Planning - Pallet status update (parameter 14) fails for rejected element. (Case 98637)
Fix: "Planned storage date" changed to "Storage date" in cast planning module. (Case 93655)

Created by Dennis Knudsen on 2020/11/27 10:31
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