Design Status Chain

Last modified by Dennis Knudsen on 2022/07/13 13:59

We have a status chain for the element part that allows the designers, project managers, and production to follow the element process. For the designers, the drawings are the main delivery, and it has been hard to follow the status on drawings in the model. Therefore will it in IMPACT 17 be possible to add a status chain for the design part - This will make it easier for designer to monitor their work.

The Design Status Chain works a lot like the element status with a hierarchy. 

Status Type hierarchy (Low to High):

- None

- Preliminary


- Building

- As-Built 

The Design Status is set in the Standard Admin.


Figure 1: Design Status in Standard Admin

After adding the Design Statuses in the Standard Admin is it possible to add a design status to the drawings and give a better overview of the design process.

A new Column called Design Status has been added to the Drawing Tab and Drawing Properties - This column shows the design status.


Figure 1: Design Status in Project Manager

The design status will automatically change if the drawing status is changed on the drawing and thereafter reflected in the "Element Color - Design" in the model view. That Design status also is shown in the model view to give a better overview when looking in the model.

In the picture below is the drawing DT100 having the drawing status PD (Preliminary) and is shown as 1 under the design status (According the Design status setup in Standard Admin). 


Figure 2: Drawing with the Drawings Status PD (Preliminary)

After changing the drawing status to RW (Review) will the design status also change because of the 


Figure 3: Drawing with the Drawings Status RW (Review)

It's also possible to manually overwrite the automatic design status by right-clicking on the drawing and setting the desired design status on the drawing. It's important to note that the manual set design status will be overwritten if the Drawing status is changed to a status with a drawing status attached.


Figure 3: Manually setting the design Status


Figure 4: Manual Design Status

And when choosing the "Element Color - Design" in the model view will it reflect the design status color in the model view.


Figure 5: Design Status in Model view

It's also possible to see the history of changes in the design status history - This can be accessed by right-clicking on the drawing and selecting "Design Status History".


Figure 5: Design Status History

In the Design Status History dialog is it possible to see what drawing has been changed, by who and when it has been changed and to what status - It's also possible to see if it is an automatic change (Status Machine) or if it's a manual change (Project Manager).


Figure 6: Design Status History Dialog