Element Marks

Last modified by Oskar Kristinsson on 2023/08/23 15:44

Linked elements

IIMPACT has element types for walls, slabs, beams, and columns. There is also a generic element type called ‘Linked’ that can be used for any other purpose. It has a bounding box geometry of Length, Width, and Height. It can have skewed ends like hollow core and it can host holes and recesses. Linked elements can also have reinforcement and cast-in material. It can have all planning and production data like all other element types in IMPACT.

IMPACT distinguish between model elements and manual elements. Model elements have a position in the 3D model. Manual elements have no position in the 3D model but a reference to a building, a floor, and a phase.  All element types can be both model and manual. Manual elements are lined up outside the 3D model.


Figure2: Model elements to the left and manual linked to the right 


Figure1: This grid holds information about element marks in the project.