Export the current project from the backstage menu or by right-clicking on the project node in the project browser and select the option Export. The dialog shown provides some options for export - destination,  format, and data to include.

Export destination

The destination can be anywhere on any available hard drive with two exceptions:

  • The export destination can't be in the current project's project folder.
  • The export path cannot exceed the maximum number of characters that the Windows operating system allows - max 260 characters.

Export format

The export format usually has no major significance. Protobuf is the format to be used if no other instructions are specified.

The two available formats are:

  • Protobuf
  • Json


There are three modes to chose from that controls what's included in the export. Some information, however, is excluded from all project exports, regardless of which of the listed options that are selected. The excluded information is listed below.

  • field Note per element id - This information is excluded because we want every company using the system to have its own notes per element id that is not overwritten every time a new version of the project is to be imported.


 Exports the data related to the project from the database but skips all files. This option is valid if no files are of importance. 


Database with specified folders & file types

Exports database data with selected folders and file types. A suitable option if only specific file types are of interest, like PDF-files. The configuration shown in the image below would include database data and PDF-files from the drawings folder only. IMPACT folders are all a part of the library structure defined in Standard Admin. 


Database with all folders and file types

 Exports the data and all files related to the project. This option makes sure that everything is included but the exported file will also be very big.



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