Grid presets and user configurations

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Use grid presets or save personal grid configurations for different work situations. All accessible from the context menu of the table header in the Element Id grid. User configurations can be set as default to load when a project is opened. This gives users full control over which information to display.

Acess presets and configurations

RIght-click on a table header to bring up the context menu that includes user grid configurations and grid presets


Figure 1: User grid configurations in element id grid

Save grid configurations

Arrange the columns in the grid so that they are configured the way you want them. Right-click on table header and select Save Configuration from the context menu. Choose a name that is representative for the configuration and press save.

Following data will be stored:

  • Column width
  • Column position
  • Column visible state
  • Frozen columns


Figure 2: Save user grid configuration


Figure 3: Give the configuration a name

Set default configuration

Set default configuration that will be applied when a project is loaded. Right-click on table header and find the configuration you want to use as default from the context menu. Press Set as default to apply the change. The checkbox next to the configuration name will then be checked to indicate it has been selected as the default grid configuration. 


Figure 4: Set a default grid configuration