Window docking

Last modified by superadmin on 2023/08/23 15:44

A built-in docking system that enables personal configuration of all windows within the application. It supports multiple screens to make the most of your computer screens' total screen space. Different configurations can be stored in the database, making them available from any computer as long as you are logged in as the same user. Project Manager also remembers which layout was loaded when the program was last closed and that layout is loaded when the program is restarted.


Below is an animation showing how to work with this docking system. What it basically explains is that tabs can be undocked and dragged through the applications main window. Once it's hovering another tab or near the main window edge, it will reveal placing options. Placing options can be used to dock a window into the desired position. To undock a tab completely from the main window, drag it away from any placing options, then release it.


Store a configuration

Configurations can be saved using the function Layouts. It's accessible from the view tab in the ribbon.


Change configuration

Applying another window configuration is easy. Use the same drop-down described under Store configurations and hover over a stored setup that should be applied. Use the option apply that will appear.