Clip planes

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Clipping planes let you exclude some of a models geometry in the model view. There are 3 different planes to chose from depending on in which direction you want to cut:

  • Plane, X-Z
  • Plane, Y-Z
  • Plane, X-Y

The functionality is located in the view tab (figure 1).

Figure 1: Clipping planes in the ribbon


Enable a clipping plane
Start by enabling the plane you want to use by clicking on one of the plane buttons (figure 2).

Figure 2: Enable a clipping plane

Edit plane position
Toggle edit mode (figure 3) to unlock the position of the plane and reveal the handle that makes it possible to move around. Once the plane has been adjusted, click on the edit button once more to exit edit mode.

Figure 3: Edit clipping plane

Reset plane position
Reset plane position to default by pressing the downfacing arrow next to the edit button and select reset position figure(4).


Figure 4: Reset position


The animation (.gif) below will show how two planes can be used to cut sides of a building. 

Clipping Planes.gif


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