Plot Server

Last modified by Dennis Knudsen on 2021/09/02 16:13

It's possible to set up a Plot server that opens AutoCAD/BricsCAD and do the plotting. When clicking "Send to Plot Server" will the client computer send the plot script to a folder where the plot server opens the script and plot the drawing(s).

Setting op the plot server

Before the plot server can be used is it necessary to have the "Plot server folders". These folders should be placed in the "Division" folder.


Scripts to plot  - The scrips that get sent by the client computer will end up in this folder and will be plotted by the Plot server
Plotted scripts - After the scripts have been run, will the file be moved to this folder
Errors               - If there for some reason happens an error when running the script will this be documented in a text file that is placed in this folder.

When the folders have been created should the AutoCAD/BricCAD be configured. It's necessary to have both IMPACT For AutoCAD/BricsCAD and Reinforcement modules installed on the plot server in order for it to work.

After the installation of the IMPACT For AutoCAD/BricsCAD and the Reinforcement modules should the folder path be added under "Trusted path".

1) Copy the complete path of '..\\Divison\Plot_Server\ScriptsToPlot' folder from the server (The path in the screenshot is just an example).


2) Open AutoCAD on the plot server.

3) Go to Options->Files Tab

4) Select Trusted Location.


5) Click on Add button and paste the copied path


6) Finish with OK.

Now the path from where we run the scripts will be a trusted path and AutoCAD will not give an alert message while executing these scripts in the plot server.

New when everything is set up with the folders and in AutoCAD/BricsCAD open Project Manager and click on "Plot Server".


This will open the plot server dialog - Start the Plot server by clicking "Start Server".


The Plot server is now up and running.