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The summary tab shows what project it is, the title of the project and the description of the project. It also categorises different elements and describe their various properties. 

Summary - PM.png

Figure 1: Summary tab open in Project Manager.


There are three different areas listed under summary, namely Net Area, Gross Area and Bounding Box Area. The difference between these will be explained first with a definition and also with examples for different element types.


Net Area = Surface touching form, Area reduced with all holes, openings and edge shapes.
Gross Area = Built area, Outer contour
Bounding Box Area = Length * Height or Width


Changing the geometry of the Double Wall changes the areas in the summery


Figure 2: Difference between areas shown with a double wall.


Figure 3: Editing of base height left and right and “Reduction for slab” for double walls will affect the net and gross area.