Bar Mesh

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Bar Mesh

The Bar Mesh module can be found in the Reinforcement window on the Element panel in IMPACT Design and consists of the functions that are shown in Fig. 1. There is also a possibility to run the first command in the plan tab. The idea here is to quickly add a bar mesh to several shop drawing at once. 

2022-12-23 11_23_16-Window.png

The GIF below shows how this works.


The Bar Mesh was created with respect to the customers that export their reinforcement meshes to Unitechnik and compared to the normal Mesh tab, Bar Mesh is visible as a net and added to the element on the production drawings. The Bar Mesh Net on a wall element and on the different cross-sections can be seen in Fig. 2.


Figure 2: Bar Mesh on Produciton drawings.

Production Settings

The production settings allow the user to set different rules for the bar mesh. If the bars in the generated bar mesh don't uphold the rules from the production setting will the bars fail the producibility test and be placed in the layer "X_X_RC_BAR_MESH_REJECTED" and have the color red.

How to set up the production settings can be found here: Standard Admin - Production Settings

Generate Bar Mesh Slab, Wall, Sandwich

In Fig. 3 you can see the window that generates Bar Mesh on the element.

Mesh settings.jpg

Figure 3: Generate Bar Mesh.

Press Right Click - New - Add Bar Mesh. In this example, we used the same Mesh example and we inserted one in the front and one on the backside of the wall. Settings that are included have to do with the mesh geometry.

You should be aware that in order to make a Bar Mesh, a normal Mesh have to be created in the database by using the command "Mesh" and set up all different parameters.

Draw Bar Mesh...

This is the command that you can draw your Bar Mesh on a specific area of your wall and not on the whole gemetry. You can draw your Bar Mesh as a window with this feature as shown in the next .gif.


Fig.4 Draw Bar Mesh

Edit Bar Mesh...

When Edit the Bar Mesh you have to select the diagonal bar that indicates the name of the Mesh. After selecting the bar, press ENTER and the window that is illustrated in Fig. 3 will pop up, where you can edit your settings.


Fig.5 Edit Bar Mesh

Add Mesh Cut Area

You can select a specific part of your Mesh to be cut out as shown on the .gif below.


Fig.6 Add Mesh Cut Area

Delete Mesh Cut Area

After adding Mesh Cut Area, you can also delete it as shown on the .gif below. 


Fig.7 Delete Mesh Cut Area

Edit Mesh Cut Area...

You can also Edit your Mesh Cut Area as shown on the .gif below.


Fig.8 Delete Mesh Cut Area

Bar Properties Manipulation

There are not many that know that after double-clicking on each bar of the bar mesh, you can change the properties, shape, and representation of the bar as shown on the following .gif.


Fig.9 Bar Properties

If having two or more barmeshes on the same element, then the data name is changed according to the order that they were designed and uses the name MeshFront_Id_1 ..._2..._3, etc.(for meshes on the front) and  MeshBack_Id_1 ..._2..._3... etc. (for meshes on the back). This is very useful when you want to export your Barmesh to Unitechnik.


Fig.10 Data

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