Import bars from project level to common and local level

Last modified by Adam Carlson on 2020/03/04 15:35

Sometimes, you have some bars in a project that you want to import to your common and local level. This, because you may want to use the bars in other projects. 

The first thing you need to do is to make a copy of your bl.dwg file in your standard. It is from this file all your drawings in all projects are created from. You need to make one copy on the common level and one on the local level. In this example, I have standard 1100 on the common level and 1101 on the local level. 


Figure 1: Copy the bl.dwg- file 

The next step is to open a drawing in AutoCAD where you have the bars you want to import. Open the "Reinforcement"-tab and go to "Bars" then "Shape codes...". Press "Import/Export" and then "Browse...". Search for your bl.dwg-file on the common level and open it. 

Then you will see a dialog window with "Current File" and "External File". Search for the bar/bars you want to export and mark them. In this example, the bar is named "TEST". Then press "Export", "OK" and "OK", and the bars will be exported to your bl.dwg-file. 


Figure 2: Export bars

Repete the previous step, but select the bl.dwg-file on the local level instead. 

After you have exported the bars to both the local and the common levels, you will be able to see the bars in every new project you create in the future.