Draw/Edit Reinforcement Group

Last modified by Adam Carlson on 2020/03/03 15:32

Draw Reinforcement Group

After defining reinforcement group as described in this link, the command "Draw Reinforcement" can be used and the following window will appear.


Fig.1 Draw Reinforcement Group window

As you can see from the picture above, there are many tabs, that have already predifined. One of the most important things that can be set up is the spacing between the bars.

In the following .gif you can see how to draw a reinforcement group on a solid wall.


GIF 2. Draw Reinforcement Group

After using the command draw and specify the length of the reinforcement group , there is the option to specify the begging and the end of the anchorage length and the round-off. For the sake of this example, we just use the vaue 0. 

The reinforcement group is added on the wall definition, when you either press on  MTO Reinforcement or MTO All Materials. MTO Reinfrocement updates only the reinforcement components of the wall and thus is much faster to use than performing a Material take-off to all materials, especially when your element has many reinforcement groups.

Edit Reinforcement Group

When editing a reinforcement group, there are many possibilities that appear, as shown in the next figure.


Fig. 2 Edit Reinforcement Group

Add/Remove: You can add or remove reinforcement bar or bars on the existing reinforcement group. Details are sre shown on the following gif.

Important: When adding a reinforcement bar, it has to be parallel to the reinforcement group.


Gif. 2 Add/Remove on Reinforcement Group.

Copy/Delete: You can copy or delete any of the existing bars on the reinforcement group as shown in the following gif.


Gif. 3 Copy/Delete bars on Reinforcement Group.

Nearest/Furthest: You can move your straight bars on any position that you want. The "Nearest" function takes the ones on the right side, while the "Furthest" takes the one on the left side as shown in the following picture.


Fig. 3 Nearest/Furthest on Reinforcement Group.


Gif. 4 Nearest/Furthest bars on Reinforcement Group.

ARRAY: As the name implies, you can make a thicker array of stirrups in your reinforcement group, as illustrated in the next gif. You select the stirrup that you want to multiply, the spacing in between the new stirrups, select the number of multiples and the side of the placement and the stirrups are added automatically to the reinforcement group.


Gif. 5 ARRAY for Reinforcement Group.

Properties: When selecting properties the window from fig. 1 pops up, and all the parameters of the reinforcemnt group can be changed. Most common use of this command is to change the spacing of the stirrups.


Gif. 6 Properties for Reinforcement Group.