Freeze/Thaw Reinforcement Group in Drawing View/Line-up

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Freeze Reinforcement Group in Drawing View/Line-up

The function "Freeze Reinforcement Group in Drawing View/Line-up" was developed in order to help costumers make permanent changes on the view line-up of reinforcement groups due to the large amount of information that is provided.

In previous IMPACT for AutoCAD versions, changes regarding the dimensioning of reinforcement groups on the view line-up, proved to be challenging. The reason for that was, that every time a change was made and the user perfrormed a "Material Take Off", the view line-up of reinforcement groups was reset to the initial display. In the following graphic example between two reinforcement groups (a normal and a frozen one) the different possibilities  of "freeze" function will be explored.

In Fig. 1 a solid wall of 200mm has been designed and reinforcement groups A1 and A2 have been added on the production drawing. We set Reinforcement group A1 as frozen. The reinforcement view line-up is illustrated in Fig. 2.


Figure 1: Reinforcement Groups on solid wall.


Figure 2: Reinforcement groups on view line-up.

In the next .gif, the same information are being erased from both reinforcement groups and an MTO reinforcement is performed.


It can be clearly seen that after the MTO, the changes apply only for the frozen group.

There is the possibility to make changes on the rebars as well as the dimension line, as depicted in the next .gif.


In the last part, we will investigate what will happen if we want to edit the properties of the frozen reinfrocement group.

First press "Edit Reinforcement Group" from the Reinforcement tab and then select the frozen group (Group A1). The next message is gonna pop-up on your screen:


By pressing Yes, you thaw the reinforcement group and all the changes made in the view line-up are being discarded after an MTO.

By pressing No, you can still make changes on the properties of the reinforcement group but the line-up will not be affected after an MTO.  The next .gif is an example procedure of saying No to thaw the reimforcement group.


Thaw Reinforcement Group in Drawing View/Line-up

When you thaw the reinforcement group it means that everytime you perform an MTO it will reset the data on the view line up and the changes made will now disappear.

On the next .gif we perform an "MTO All", after we have thawed reinforcement group A1 and it can be clearly seen that the reinforcement view line-up is reset to its initial values (see Figure 2).