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Rebar symbols and text scale according to AutoCAD drawing settings. There are two different ways to use the scaling.

1. Annotation scale
This is the recommended scaling method. Make sure that AutoCAD parameters MSLTSCALE, LTSCALE and PSLTSCALE are set to 1. IMPACT rebar objects will listen to and scale according to the Annotation Scale setting which is found in the lower right corner of AutoCAD.

On layouts, each viewport has a Viewport Scale parameter which will scale both the contents and reinforcement objects in regard to the page setup.
If parameter MSLTSCALE is set to 0, LTSCALE will dictate the size of reinforcement symbols and text in model space. On layouts, behavior depends on the PSLTSCALE setting.

PSLTSCALE=1: Viewport scale is used. Different scales can be used in different viewports with same size of symbols, but LTSCALE must be set to 1 for correct size when plotting.
PSLTSCALE=0: LTSCALE and viewport zoom factor determine the scale. Viewports with different scales will display different sizes of symbols.