Straight Bars

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   Here you will find the commands to create and draw all straight bars

(vertically, horizontally, aligned, top reinforcement and bottom reinforcement).

Settings for straight bars

When you draw straight bars, there are default values ​​that the program uses if you do not change them in the 
actual drawing command.
If you want other values, you must enter them in the drawing command itself. If you are going to draw several 
bars with the same or similar values, it ​​may be easier to enter and change the default values ​​before you start drawing the bars.
The commands that you can enter when performing "Draw straight bars" and which are specific for just the bar you draw are:


  • Quality (The quality of the bar)
  • Dimension (The bars diameter)
  • CC-distance (The distance between the bars)
  • Correction (The correction made to the length due to e.g. the concrete cover)
  • Round (Decimal rounding)
  • Length (The length of the bar is set when a bar is drawn)

The rest of the values are taken from the settings. 

You can always change a drawn bar afterward with the commando Change bars

Straight bars, box horizontal/vertical

The simplest command to draw straight bars is the box option. You can use this command when you have a reinforcement extension that is rectangular. In the Straight bar menu is a command button for both horizontal and vertical reinforcement, both for Top and bottom reinforcement.

Example 1, Straight bars, Top reinforcement, Box, Horizontal

We will make an example with the values presented below. When this example is clear you should have drawn a figure
that looks like the plate below.

Concrete plate: 3000 x 5000 mm
Length of reinforcing bars: 2900 mm
Diameter: 12 mm
c / c distance: 250 mm
Distance from edge: 50 mm on each side
(Correction = 50x2, ie total reduction)
- Draw a square with the dimensions x = 3000 and y = 5000. (Use line, polyline or the rectangle commando).
- Click on the 2nd icon; Top reinforcement, box, horizontally in the Straight bars toolbar.

See gif below for a demonstration.

example straight bars reinf top.gif

Example 2, Straight bars, Top reinforcement, Horizontal

When you draw straight bars, this is the main commando to use. The "Box" command is a simplified version of this one. Here the same parameters will be used as in the example before. See gif below for a demonstration.

example 22 straight bars reinf top.gif

Example 3, Straight bars, Top reinforcement, Aligned

To draw reinforcement that is rotated, aligned can be used. The command works the same way as the other two. The distribution line must not be orthogonal to the bars. See gif below for a demonstration.

example 3 straight bars reinf top.gif

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