Company settings

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There are specific company settings for reports that are configurable in the application. These settings are categorized into template and properties and to access them one must first go to the settings tab and then select the company node, as shown in the image below. 


Figure 1: Company settings



  • Certification Company

  • Single Print Mode
    Yes: The elements will only be printed once in the bending reports. Only new elements that have not previously been printed will be added the second time it's printed.
    No: All elements will be included every time the report is printed.

Cast Calendar

  • Cast Calendar Report Chunk
    The number that the X-Fields is repeated. Must be at least 1.

Production Progress

  • Some fields to set 1., 2. And 3. Group by and if they must be used, together with fields where it is possible to enter the Titles to the fields in the report.  And a field to set if Unproduced elements also should be included in the report.

Transport planning

  • summary
    Yes: will the summary on Stack/vehicle be shown after the element mark on the delivery note.


Figure 1: Report properties window


On the Tab-page “Templates” is it possible to add a new report, delete a report and edit the report.  
If a report is marked in the grid the path to the company template will be displayed at the top.


This is where we enter the general report settings. The field contents are described in the table below.

NameThe report name that will be shown when selecting to print
TypeSelect the report type
File nameThe template name
Page Max XThe max column number (must be 10 for column J in Excel)
Page Max YThe max row number before there is generated a new page
Continuous Header RowThe row number where the continuous header is placed
Continous Start RowThe row number where the continuous rows start
Continous End RowThe row number where the continuous  rows end
Continous Sum RowThe row number where the continuous sum row is placed
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