Settings contain some general report settings and the settings for each report. To change company standard click on the top level in the tree structure on the left side of the window and press the right mouse button. To see the general report properties for the company, mark the top level in the tree structure in the left side of the window, and select the tab page “Properties”, see figure 1.


Figure 1, Report Tool settings tab

Property fields:

  • Certification Company : 
  • Single Print Mode : 

If set to yes will elements only be printed one time in the Bending reports. So if the report is printed 2 times is it only new elements that is printed the second time. 

  • Include rejected Elements:

If set to yes will rejected elements be included in the material reports.

  • Cast Calendar Report Chunk : 

The number that the X-Fields is repeated. Must be at least 1.

  • Production Progress : 

Some fields to set 1., 2. And 3. Group by and if they must be used, together with fields where it is possible to enter the Titles to the fields in the report.  And a field to set if Unproduced elements also should be included in the report.

  • Transport planning summary:

If set to yes will the summary on Stack/vehicle be shown after the element mark on delivery note.


Use GeenShot with the following settings to keep a consistent formatting throughout the Wiki.

Fill color:

  • Red: 0
  • Green: 127
  • Blue: 255
  • alpha: 55

Line color: 

  • Red: 41
  • Green: 128
  • Blue: 185
  • Alpha: 255


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