Last modified by Adam Carlson on 2022/03/17 14:06

SOLIDCOLORBYMATERIAL controls whether the color of elements drawn as solids should be set to the color of the material or the color of the layer, on which the element is drawn ( applies for both solids in model drawings and shop drawings). When the variable is set to:

  • 1 - the color of the material is used.
  • 0 - the color of the layer will be used.

The colors for layers and materials are both set in Standard Admin. 

This variable will be added under Variables in Standard Admin. AutoCAD needs to be refreshed before the change will affect your drawings. Please note that the drawings that you wish to be updated with new material colors, need to be regenerated. 

This variable is only affecting elements that are opened in either AutoCAD or BricsCAD. 

Note: When an IFC-export has been made, the colors that are represented in an IFC-viewer are not connected to this variable or IMPACT as the IFC-export is a pure Autodesk and Bricsys export.


Figure 1: Color of materials


Figure 2: Color of layers


Figure 3: Example of the variable set to 0 (the color of the layer will be used)


Figure 4: Example of the variable set to 1 (the color of the material is used)