Below are the variables that affect IMPACT Reinforcement. 


VariableShort description Default value
AWAY_SYMBOL_SIZEControls the size of away symbols for reinforcement groups and reinforcement columns/beams.0
BARMARK_STRAIGHT_BARControls automatic marketing of straight bars0
BARMARK_STIRRUPControls automatic marketing of stirrups0
DEFAULT_BAR_ENDControls automatic end marks0
Controls the symbol for the diameter for straight bars in section0
DEFAULT_MEASURE_TOLERANCE The variable is used to set up the measure tolerance for match barmark. 
GROUP_BARMARK_STRAIGHT_BARControls automatic marketing of straight bars in reinforcement groups. 
Controls default finning material for reinforcement groups.none
GROUP_MARK_PREFIXControls the prefix for the naming of reinforcement groups. 
GROUP_OPTIONS_MATERIALControls which materials that can be chosen as filling when drawing reinforcement groups 
MESH_NAMEThis variable automatically generates the mesh name based on the mesh settings.0
MTO_SUPPRESS_DEFINITIONControls the if the shape code will be shown under item no in the table of reinforcement0
GENERATE_BARMESH_WITH_ENTITYControls if the bar mesh shall be generated as a bar mesh with entity0
GROUP_STIRRUP_IN_RC_SCHEDULEControls if stirrups in reinforcement groups should be presented in the bar bending schedule 0
GROUP_VIEW_ELEV/SECT_TEXT_STYLEControls designation style for reinforcement group views 
GROUP_VIEW_SCALEControls the size of the reinforcement group view1
MESH_TEXT_LINEControls the text for reinforcement mesh 
MESH_TEXT_SYMBOLControls the symbol for reinforcement mesh 
MTO_HIDEControls whether or not to display different information in the table of reinforcement0
RC_BEAM_COLUMN_IN_RC_VIEWControls if reinforcement beams or columns should be drawn in reinforcement view0
RC_CIM_IN_RC_VIEWControls if reinforcement connected to CIM should be drawn in reinforcement view0
RC_ENDCAP_IN_RC_VIEWControls if reinforcement connected to endcaps should be drawn in reinforcement view0
SHOW_BARMESH_ENTITY_AT_PLOTTINGControls if the Bar mesh entity should be plotted when plotting the drawing.1
GROUP_MTO_PARTSControls if the bars and stirrups in a reinforcement group should be MTO in parts.0
AUTOCHECKRCPROPOSALA setting to make the RC box be manually checked in the "Batch Generate" dialog 1


VariableShort description Default value
DEFAULT_QUALITY_DOUBLEWALLThe variable is used for setting the default quality to use for the
bars that automatically will be added around windows, doors, and holes in Double Walls.
DEFAULT_DIMENSION_DOUBLEWALLThe variable is used for setting the standard size of the bars that automatically will be added around windows, doors, and holes in Double Walls.10
SECTION_TEXT_STYLEControls the designation style for straight bars in wall sections0
DWGSHOWCROSSMARKOPENINGSRCVIEWControls if cross markings are going to be drawn in RC view in the shop drawing1
Gives you the option to shop mesh description on the section in shop drawings1


VariableShort descriptionDefault value


VariableShort descriptionDefault value
FS_RC_OFFSET_DISTANCE_FROM_ENDSTOPMove the closest reinforcement bar parallel with the edge for FormSlab, a certain value if the edge has an endstop connected to it0


VariableShort descriptionDefault value


VariableShort descriptionDefault value

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