Reinforcement variables

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Below are the variables that affect IMPACT Reinforcement. 


VariableShort description Example valueDefault value
AWAY_SYMBOL_SIZEControls the size of away symbols for reinforcement groups and reinforcement columns/beams.3


BARMARK_STRAIGHT_BARControls automatic marketing of straight bars$SHAPE$NR[100]0
BARMARK_STIRRUPControls automatic marketing of stirrups$SHAPE$NR[100]0
DEFAULT_BAR_ENDControls automatic end marksSS0
Controls the symbol for the diameter for straight bars in section%%C0
DEFAULT_MEASURE_TOLERANCE The variable is used to set up the measure tolerance for match barmark.  
GROUP_BARMARK_STRAIGHT_BARControls automatic marketing of straight bars in reinforcement groups.G$NR[1] 
Controls default finning material for reinforcement groups.Concretenone
GROUP_MARK_PREFIXControls the prefix for the naming of reinforcement groups.A 
GROUP_OPTIONS_MATERIALControls which materials that can be chosen as filling when drawing reinforcement groupsLAC;Concrete  
MTO_SUPPRESS_DEFINITIONControls the if the shape code will be shown under item no in the table of reinforcement0/10
GROUP_STIRRUP_IN_RC_SCHEDULEControls if stirrups in reinforcement groups should be presented in the bar bending schedule 0/10
GROUP_VIEW_ELEV/SECT_TEXT_STYLEControls designation style for reinforcement group viewsES 
GROUP_VIEW_SCALEControls the size of the reinforcement group viewA number1
MESH_TEXT_LINEControls the text for reinforcement meshA macro 
MESH_TEXT_SYMBOLControls the symbol for reinforcement meshA macro 
MTO_HIDEControls whether or not to display different information in the table of reinforcement0/10
RC_BEAM_COLUMN_IN_RC_VIEWControls if reinforcement beams or columns should be drawn in reinforcement view0/10
RC_CIM_IN_RC_VIEWControls if reinforcement connected to CIM should be drawn in reinforcement view0/10
RC_ENDCAP_IN_RC_VIEWControls if reinforcement connected to endcaps should be drawn in reinforcement view0/10


VariableShort description Example valueDefault value
DEFAULT_QUALITY_DOUBLEWALLThe variable is used for setting the default quality to use for the
bars that automatically will be added around windows, doors and holes in Double Walls.
A qualityB
DEFAULT_DIMENSION_DOUBLEWALLThe variable is used for setting the standard size of the bars that automatically will be added around windows, doors, and holes in Double Walls.A dimension10
SECTION_TEXT_STYLEControls the designation style for straight bars in wall sections0/10


VariableShort descriptionTypeExample valueDefault value


VariableShort descriptionTypeExample valueDefault value


VariableShort descriptionTypeExample valueDefault value

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