FAQ - Tekla Base Tools 15.1

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Is the new TBT 15.1 compatible with old TBT projects?

No. Do not use this version with Tekla projects already used with the old TBT.

Can I install TBT 15.1 alongside an old TBT installation while I’m finishing my old projects?

Yes, but use only one of them for each project.

Will TBT 15.1 use my old settings?

Yes. When TBT 15.1 starts for the first time, it will copy your old settings to a new separate location.

I cannot run TBT 15.1 with Tekla Structures 2016i or earlier?

TBT 15.1 supports Tekla Structures 2017, 2017i, 2018, 2018i, 2019.

Will the old TBT be discontinued?

Yes. However, it will still be downloadable.

I can’t find the old element mark mode that allowed me to manually set marks!

This is baked into the manual mapping feature.

Will object IDs be preserved if I delete an object in IMPACT and re-save it in TBT?


I want new IDs, what do I have to do?

You have to change the Assembly/Cast unit GUID of the Tekla Object. GUIDS are tied to IMPACT IDs.

How do I restore a backup in TBT 15.1?

Check the IMPACT folder in the Tekla project folder. If you have any backups, they appear in a folder with a timestamp. Replace the content in the Sync Model folder with that of the backup and restart.

Can I manually create a backup?

Yes. See the Backup chapter.

Why does the geometry sometimes differ between Tekla and IMPACT?

We use two very different ways to ‘build’ the elements in 3D. We continuously improve the geometry conversion to get as similar elements in IMPACT as possible.

Can I improve the geometrical conversion?

IMPACT elements are mainly blocks carved out with recesses. Utilize Tekla Booleans (pure boolean parts) as these are almost always converted to IMPACT.

Do I still need to be careful with which selection mode I use when importing data to TBT?

Just select everything as assemblies from now on. You can also select as part, but TBT will analyze the selection and find the appropriate Assembly/Cast-Unit. Note: Use Cast-Units as much as possible as Cast-Units are the closest representation to IMPACT Elements.

I have a question, feedback or feature request. Where do I go?

Contact the IMPACT support at https://strusoft.com/products/impact#support

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