Improved shop drawing setting for endcap labels which enables the user to decide if endcap labels should come on the main geometry and/or for the openings

Last modified by Catalin Turluc on 2022/12/13 11:49

Improved Shop drawing settings for endcap labels

We have improved the Shop drawing setting for endcap labels by separating the endcap labels for main geometry and for openings. 

The other endcaps label are controlled from the endcap label main.

It is now possible to select which endcap label should be displayed on Shop drawing. 

Separate settings for endcap label main and endcap label opening.png

Figure 1 - Shop drawing template settings for Endcap label main and opening 

Below there are three examples of an generated Shop drawing having activated different settings for endcap label in Front view - first example where only the endcap label main is activated, second one where only the endcap label opening is activated and last one where both settings are activated. 

Endcap label main in SD.png

Figure 1 - Endcap label main in Shop drawing 

Endcap label opening in SD.png

Figure 2 - Endcap label opening in Shop drawing 

Endcap label main and opening.png

Figure 3 - Endcap label main and opening in Shop drawing 

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